bold enough

Kaitlin. 24. Bay area. HSV2.

This happened too.

New #katespade #love #retailtherapy

New #katespade #love #retailtherapy

I’ll tell you what happens
when the woman you were too scared to love
finds someone better
You let your face fall into the ruin of regret and
you wear the scars
Little boy, learn from this
watch the curve of her back as
she walks away like a promise saying
she’s not coming back for you this time

—"Aka I’m Finally Over Your Shit"- K. Wagner (via th3gr0wnupchild)

(via haymanduh)


I got my tax return, started a new book, worked out, and ate candy for dinner.

Tomorrow I will get a new purse (Kate Spade, here I come), go grocery shopping, drink wine, drink more wine, read a bit, and probably have candy for dinner again.

Adulthood, we got this.